How to survive the holiday period

It is that time of the year again… You are going to see people who you might only see once a year; you will have to talk (a lot) and you will normally have to eat (a lot). You will also hand out presents and receive some back wondering why you always get underwear in the strangest colours and sizes… Remember that more and foremost this period of the year should be one where you can re-connect with yourself. Try to find some time to escape, if only for a couple of hours and:
– switch your multiple devices off (the world will still be turning without you even if some people say that our last days are close)
– relax
– breathe
– watch the people surrounding you and wish them happiness.
– stop running and enjoy the present moment
– take the time to listen to people and be there for them.
It can be as simple as that!
Happy holiday season from rainy Switzerland, Jenny