Mindful kids: planting the seeds for tomorrow’s leadership

Did you know that mindfulness can already be taught in schools? I wish this would have existed when I was still studying!

It is an excellent tool for kids and adolescents for example to:

  • Identify their emotions and learn how to mange them
  • Train and handle resilience
  • Enhance the quality of exchanges within their families
  • Foster focus and attention so that school work, apprenticeships etc. can be dealt with in a more effective way

The benefits are enormous and the earlier you begin with teaching these skills and techniques, the more they will be integrated into a kid’s repertoire so that he/she can draw on them when a difficult situation arises or simply to rest and pause for a moment.

I am convinced that in order to build up the leaders of tomorrow we have to start NOW with the next generation coming after us. They need to learn how to deal with ambiguity and with chaos as well as uncertainty. The world is complex and connected and in order to be “at your highest and best” while still being happy and healthy, making a living and dealing with many things at a time, we need some additional skills and tools.

I have thus decided to follow a training with an excellent school in the US and will also continue to become certified in teaching mindfulness for children and adolescents. What can be more rewarding than seeing kids take what they have learnt home and integrate it into their regular lives?

Let’s plant the seeds of mindfulness and heartfulness into young minds and bodies and connect feelings, emotions and thoughts… please follow me along on this exciting journey!

Have an excellent Sunday and week ahead!


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