Congratulations ShaoLan Hsueh!

Chinese language

Do you remember that I wrote about an amazing woman, ShaoLan Hsueh, some time ago, who illustrates the Chinese language to make it easy and fun to learn? Well, she continues on her path and just successfully raised funds for her Chineasy Book on

This truly is a very exciting project and undertaking and once I have a bit more time, I will definitely look into it more deeply as her method really makes learning all the different characters engaging and definitely easier!

Have a good start in the new week! Jenny


If as a leader, interculturalist or communications professional you ever wanted to learn Chinese in an easy way, you should check out the Facebook page of ShaoLan Hsueh, a Taiwanese entrepreneur living in London. She has developed a visual system for learning to read Chinese, called “Chineasy”. To start with, you might want to read the related article on Forbes by Bruce Upbin, which can be found here. Have fun!