On my Personal Leadership journey…

Jenny Ebermann | Communications | Services

Here I am now. After having written a couple of times about ‘Personal Leadership‘ and how to create a vision for yourself following the 5 Ps, I have now embarked on the journey of becoming an associated facilitator of the method. It will take me some months of practice, virtual sessions, individual and partner work as well as a 5 days face-to-face session in October. But I have to say that I am very happy to be following that road so that I can not only add it to my portfolio of services to offer but also continue to practice it myself. Intercultural competence and being able to deal effectively with differences really begins with oneself. If you don’t know yourself, how are you supposed to understand what is happening to and with others?

Bear with me for more insights, online coaching sessions etc. and accompany me on my journey. Your comments, participation and precious insights will help me on the way, for sure!