Mindful Communication/Marketing

Tailored consulting/training services regarding international marketing and communications; strategic and programmatic approach looking at internal as well as external communications.

Product Description

External Marketing/Communications:

  • Global and local Strategic Marketing/Communications (plans, campaigns, concepts)
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Plans
  • Intercultural awareness: targeted marketing/communication approaches
  • Effective Communications with selected stakeholders
  • Mindful Interpersonal Communications

Internal Communications:

Tailor-made modules and tools enabling effective communications within your organization and team. Delivered through consultancy, training, coaching or a mix of the three.

  • The process of communications
  • Mindful interpersonal Communications
  • Written communications
  • Verbal communications
  • Non-verbal communications
  • Public Speaking and presenting
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Intercultural communications
  • Mindful Listening
  • Mindful e-mailing
  • Basic Intercultural Awareness and bridging
  • Effective Communications in Teams
  • Setting up Strategies and Plans
  • Effective interpersonal communications