About this blog

Before writing this blog, I asked myself what it was that I wanted to share and discuss; there already are many platforms discussing leadership and communication, so what is the point to create yet one more?! Well, the difference is, that I want to discuss about ‘mindful’ leadership and intercultural communication, i.e. leading/communicating in international and often virtual settings with empathy and skill versus leading/communicating with a narrow mindset using pressure and fear.

Looking around and speaking to people nowadays makes me realise that more and more people are spending their lives running and rushing around, always in fear of what might happen to them next – on a private as well as on a professional level. On top of that, many people have lost confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in their own culture as well as in intercultural surroundings. As a result frustrations and misunderstandings arise as well as a feeling of ‘helplessness’.

I came to realise that there is only one life to be lived and that life happens here and now; so why not embrace it fully, stop, turn around and change the way we approach things and how we communicate with each other!

This platform thus aims at creating a forum where new trends in intercultural communication, leadership and coaching, new ideas, thoughts and tools can be shared and discussed. I surely don’t pretend to know it all, I simply want to write about what I see, hear, observe and think, trying to convey learnings and insights from over 10 years on the international scene, in different industries seeing communication and leadership practised in many different ways. I came a long way to be who I am now and I still have many many things to learn and to experience. Looking forward to your wise words, insights and comments!