Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

Having children on my own and seeing what they are taught in school and how, I began to wonder what I could possibly do to help them prepare for an adult life were uncertainty, ambiguity, volatility and complexity would simply be “normal”. Already working with leaders and organisations in terms of emotional intelligence, mindful leadership and communications, stress reduction and diversity, I began to think seriously about  training the leaders of tomorrow, hence the children of today.

At first, I followed the online courses of Mindful Schools in the US but then wanted to invest more time in teaching mindfulness to children here in Europe. I thus enrolled in a method called “Mindfulness Matters” (also known as the “frog method“) from Eline Snel and her Academy for Mindful Teaching. After 6 months of pilot teaching, training and learning, I am now certified child teacher for mindfulness; what a rewarding experiment to be able to teach competences to children that will last a lifetime! Let me know if you need more information about what this method consists of and what skills are taught to children! Have a great week ahead, Jenny

Jenny Ebermann Mindfulness Matters

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