Are you able to let go of your fears?

Self Leadership

I just watched an extremely powerful TEDx San Diego talk of Koelle Simpson, the horse whisperer… amazing how she describes her work with horses and draws the parallel to empathy, compassion and mindful leadership. I always heard that learning and working with horses can be a great experience but this talk really brings it to the point: by letting go of your own fears and by simply listening to your intuition and being yourself, people around you will start mirroring what you are doing and and how you are behaving because this is how we are build, neurologically speaking. You always hear “walk the talk” but this TEDx talk, powerfully shows, how true this actually is… Enjoy watching and let me know how you felt!


6 thoughts on “Are you able to let go of your fears?

  1. Elle

    There is a powerful relationship and as a coach and mother I am able to transfer a lot of learning and insights from my riding lessons, the reaction of the horses I deal with to my coaching practice. Should you be interested in exploring the relationship there are Leadership Lessons from Horse Whispering in the UK and near Lake Garde, Italy that I know off.

    • Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny) Post author

      I thought of you when writing this post and watching the video and remembered the story you told me in London 🙂 truly amazing! Would you mind sending me the address in Italy? Have a great day, Jenny

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