No more resolutions

It’s that time of the year again, people take resolutions that they never live up to (or at least rarely) and everything is supposed to be better, brighter in the New Year. The fact is though that YOU are the architect of your life and that self-awareness and being kind to yourself should be at the basis of whatever you strive for.

Start with acknowledging how you feel and where this can be felt in your body, focus and sharpen your attention on all these small things going on at this very moment. Don’t judge, plan, think. Simply BE… You hold the key to happiness, you simply need to pay attention to how life unfolds every single second. Think about something that made you feel warm and loved. Stay with that feeling and see what it does inside of you. Smile to yourself and be present. Moment after moment. Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “No more resolutions

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  2. Alice Keys

    Thanks for your kind New Year gift of a guided meditation. What a smile-maker it is!

    Your title “No more resolutions” attracted my attention.This is exactly where I am with resolutions. I’ve given them up. My current existence is lovely just as it is. There are challenges and joys, sadness and love, pain and sunrises. I love them all just as they are each moment. So there’s nothing to resolve to change.

    I was especially happy to have each of my children come tell me that they have nothing to “resolve” for this new year either. My older son (18) said could think of nothing he would want to change about himself or his life. My younger son (just 13) has even run out of wishes to wish on the first evening star. He says all his wishes have already come true. This made me a happy mom.

    I wish for you this same moment-by-moment satisfaction. May your children be filled with joy each day. May the best of warmth, health, happiness and love surround you always.

    • Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny) Post author

      Thanks Alice, your words are very touching! I will read them again to let every word sink in.
      My kids are too small to know what a New Year resolution is and their wish list is endless 😉 but I am telling them every day how lucky we are to have what we have and to enjoy every moment. They understand…
      Have an excellent start of the year, Jenny

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