Everything in life is uncertain!

It is very sad to read in the Executive Summary of the  “Towers Watson 2012 Global Workforce Study” that: “Almost four out of 10 respondents (38%) are bothered by excessive pressure” and that “Security is taking precedence over almost everything on the job.” Although the survey was conducted in 2012 and only represents 29 countries, it mirrors very well the climate that can be felt nowadays. This is not only true for multinational companies, but also for public ones and SME’s as I learned from the many people throughout my network as well as through own experience. Michael Carroll puts it this way (page 50): “Yet, somehow, for far too many of us, our instinctive yearning for creative challenge gradually transformed to the point where we ended up preferring security rather than fresh uncertainty, assurances rather than adventure, a reliable and stable job rather than an inspiring mission.”

But, is not everything in life uncertain? Things are constantly changing and re-arranging themselves, every minute and every moment. If we accept this basic fact and learn to be comfortable with ourselves in the first place, getting to know our inherent emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives and needs, thus trusting our inherent abilities, we will be able to deal with ambiguity and also willing to question the status quo. Finally, we will live our lives fully and we will also find our enthusiasm, innovation and creative power back. Stress, problems etc. won’t go away but we will have a different approach to dealing with them, hence there will be less burn-outs, depressions and other illnesses.

We truly need to wake up to the fact that we are the authors of our own lives and that exactly as with high performance athletes, there is an optimum level at which we “function” to our best. It is time to turn around and start looking at our lives from a different angle!

I can help you do that! As a systemic and mindful coach and trainer I can take you to the next level by simply being your guide for a certain while. Looking forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Everything in life is uncertain!

  1. Alice Keys

    I clicked on your blog tonight. WOW! You are a talented and educated woman. How does one become fluent in so many languages? I’m truly amazed. I added your blog to my “follow” list.

    I’ve recently (as you know) plunged into a life of “fresh uncertainty” and “adventure” with our move to France.

    You’ve written a fine essay about uncertainty. You’re right. Life is uncertain. Even when one imagines certainty, it’s simply not there! It’s better to know this and work with it than to pretend otherwise.


    • Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny) Post author

      Hi there, thank you so much for your nice words! They mean a lot to me! As a matter of fact, I lost my job a month ago because of a restructuring and am now looking down a completely new and uncertain path as well…self-employment. At least I want to give it a try instead of re-joining the ‘treadmill’ 😉 very new and scary for me but I am learning every day to live with that uncertainty! Jenny

  2. europedirectni

    I have worked off the ‘treadmill’ for about 20 years and it’s that uncertainly of being on the edge of never knowing that keeps life interesting! You have the perfect attitude and a mindfulness that will help you cope with whatever new direction you are taken 🙂

    • Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny) Post author

      Thank you, your words are very encouraging indeed! I am sure that if I am aligned with myself everything will work out just the way it should; nevertheless I still have a lot to learn and dealing with ambiguity is certainly one big milestone 😉

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