Where are we heading? Thoughts on the world of today

I have been travelling quite a lot lately by train and by plane to different European capitals and what I have seen makes me wonder where we are heading. Are machines replacing humans everywhere now? Will it be possible one day that a digital device, a robot or whatever other form of artificial intelligence gives us the warmth and the comfort as well as the balance that we need? I am sceptical I have to say, as most of the people I encounter are craving for a helping hand, a smile, a word of encouragement a well as some empathy and understanding.

Whether you go to supermarkets or airports, machines have replaced people. They scan and sort, analyse and track… people seem to be running past eachother without a word, pushing and rushing to get where they want or have to be. My question here is: do we have to run eternally? Do we need to walk past eachother without a glance? Can it be that somebody falls down and nobody is there to help him or her?

Of course I can only speak for myself but I can tell you that stopping and looking at your life from a different angle is well worth it. You might want to call it mindfulness or anything else but really being there in every single moment, reaching out to people and lending a helping hand does make a difference. A smile, a kind word, an ear even is all that it takes sometimes to make somebody’s day. Everything nowadays is oriented towards efficiency, meeting numbers, saving costs in every domain, be it in the public, non-profit or for profit sector. But I ask you: where are the people that make these systems work? Without them, everything would be empty, meaningless… we should not be hiding, pretending and fearful. We have all it takes in ourselves! It is time to step up and take your lives into your hands.

Being a mindful leader first of all to yourself but also for others is certainly a way into the right direction. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Mother’s day, Jenny

5 thoughts on “Where are we heading? Thoughts on the world of today

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  2. Maarit Suokas-Alanko's blog

    You’re touching a topic that is so important! I’ve had similar thoughts myself, particularly after returning to Europe after nine years in the so called developing countries. It looks like human beings have no more value and place in our highly developed societies. Thank God there are nowadays also small pockets of resistance to this. And like you say, it begins from us – we can show to each other that human beings have an intrinsic value that has nothing to do with efficiency or productivity.

    • Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny)

      Hi Maarit, I am so glad that you are seing this as well! It really is amazing, nobody seems to care anymore and all the people I see around me are running and rushing. Frightening! I think that the more we are doing something against this, the more chances we have to succeed. After all, if there is no more demand, things will change and people might turn back to the real values in life! I was once in Budkina Faso in the middle of ‘nowhere’ if I might say (working for an NGO) and the people there laughed together, sat together etc. They had no electricity no nothing but were happy and helpful. I remember thinking what we are missing in our world… food for thought! Jenny

      • Maarit Suokas-Alanko's blog

        I know what you mean, Jenny… We’ve been living in three African countries and I think in general I have seen much more happier faces on that “poor” continent than I’ve ever seen here. I have made a conscious choice to live a life in which I’d like to support people connecting to their deeper selves, and hence help them finding true, loving connection to other human beings as well.

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