Thoughts about collective memory and “clouds” or Are our memories going global?

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Very often, when working in multicultural teams or simply being at an international conference, I have observed that people tend to form sub-groups with others from the same nationality. I always wondered where this might be coming from. Well according to scientific views on intercultural communication, the reason for this does not have to be the language alone but the fact, that because of comparable socialization and education processes, common routines or norms are given, meaning that the context of things doesn’t need to be explained. Other people in the group have more or less the same ‘cultural background’ and behaviours are easily handled without a lot of explanation.
We also do have something called the “collective memory” which is: “(…)the shared pool of information held in the memories of two or more members of a group.” Following these thoughts, it doesn’t surprise anymore that communication between members of a group where people have a similar upbringing, is usually much more ‘noisefree’ than intercultural communication.
But: have you ever thought about what will happen to the collective memory now that we have global “clouds” available where huge amounts of data from anywhere in the world are saved and shared? Are we truly going to become “global citizens” in a couple of generations or are our national/cultural roots affirm themselves? What do you think?

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  2. Terry

    Are you saying that with global clouds we will lose our national / regional culture? You might be right and we will become global citizens. Alternatively, the trned towards global clouds may make us seek out and hold tightly our cultural differences even more as we seek to differentiate ourselves. Although, I do agree the global cloud or ‘collective memory’ may help us to feel more confortable mixing with people at international conferences.

    • bxljenny

      Hi Terry, I have been reading a lot these days about the theory of intercultural communication and how the ‘cultural brain’ works. I really to think that ‘clouds’ will significally change the way cultural information is processed. I would tend to say that we are going to seek to differentiate ourselves as you are suggesting. Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch! Jenny

  3. Business Life Asia

    This is interesting thought! Although I do think that our interconnections are deeper than national/cultural levels. They go down to slangs, accents, having went to the same high school or growing up in the same part of town etc. Being truly global citizens is conceivable via global clouds but it’s going to take a little while more before it will reach down to those levels.

    • bxljenny

      I agree, it will take time but it will be very interesting to see where the possibility to ‘store’ data and info in a ‘cloud’ will lead us, i.e. how science in that domain will empirically show the implicitations and changes. Thanks for stoppin by!

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