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Communicating in today’s environment is not easy; not only are we constantly ‘followed’ by technical devices asking for an immediate response, a mail or a call but as the global world suddenly sits with us in our living rooms and offices, intercultural exchange and dialogue has become so ‘natural’ that we tend to forget its rules. Having to juggle with so many priorities at the same time, we respond, in the best possible manner without thinking too much as our mind is already preoccupied with the next task. So it then happens, that suddenly a message that was intended as a collection of feedback – no more and no less – to be discussed on the phone at a later stage creates a reaction at the other end of the world where it was sent, which was not foreseeable by any means and not stoppable as rumors already started to spread… well, a tsumami of mails and a couple of strange feelings later we come to a point where we ask ourselves these questions: WHAT HAPPENED HERE? And: COULD THIS HAVE BEEN AVOIDED?

The answer clearly is: yes! As even though people all speak English and we are all ‘one family’ speaking virtually together at any time of the day: before sending out a message or a communication, the ramifications should be thought of. No time doesn’t mean no mindful e-mailing! Well, let’s print this out and put it up on a prominent place so that it can be seen… taking the time to think things through actually saves you time that you need to spend afterwards to repair the broken vase after the fact! Have an excellent evening, morning, day, Jenny

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  1. Business Life Asia

    Absolutely. We always need to be mindful of how a message CAN be interpreted, especially based on events and/or (seemly unrelated) conversations that transpired around the time of the message. If it gets too complex, I will just pick up the phone and call.

  2. nadegechameleon

    Dear Jenny, this is a great article well done and you put your finger on it, because everything goes so fast around the world and maybe also because we put pressure on oureselves to repson as fast as possible to not lose any business we commit errors taht ca be fatal and that could bring bigger problems.

    You are absolutely right in saying that one should be mindful of his/her email, the best is to read calmly and with all the attention possible your email, and reflect on it for a few minutes before answering, making sure that you answer or state your issue/demand clearly and precisely so that no miscommunication can happen.

    As you say, these few minutes of midfulness will avoid the bigger problem !

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article !

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